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Self heating Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt

Soft Porium XL Self heating Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt

Self heating Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt

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Be pain-free from lower back pains with this comfortable and stylish back support belt. The self-heating belt helps to reduce the pressure on your lower back by warming the muscles. Warm your muscles and relax the lower back so you never have to suffer from lower back pains again.

The double-banded design helps to support and strengthen the back so you feel comfortable and supported when you're wearing this belt. With the adjustable straps, you can get the best fit in order to keep your back straight and relieved from pain. This infrared belt is an effective and comfortable way to keep your back supported.

Magnets are known to be therapeutic for the body and can help relieve pain in a number of ways. This belt is designed for relief from lower back pain. It is a totally pain-free product that relieves your pain. It uses the power of magnets to help increase blood flow into the lower back and relieve pain.

It is an adjustable belt that can be used for all ages and sizes. The belt is made up of a double pull brace which is the most powerful support system. This belt can be used to relieve back pain, shoulder pain, and much more. It can be used for both men and women.

Self-heating Therapy Waist Belt Lumbar Support Pain Massager Infrared Magnetic Back Brace Support Adjustable Posture Belt 

1.100% Brand new and high quality.
2.Magnets help increases blood flow.
3.Relieve lower back pain by reducing pressure.
4.Neoprene back panel for warmth and compression.
5.Vented and breathable elastic side panels.
6.Adjustable and comfortable.
7.Supports along the spine to provide stability for those
   suffering from lower back pain.
8.The strategically placed magnets help with pain relief.
9.Professionally designed Double Pull braces can be adjusted.
to the desired level of both comfort and support using the high-quality fasteners.


Measure around the waist and select the proper size


Size                  Suitable Waistline         

S                            60-76CM                     

M                           77-86CM                     

L                            87-96CM                     

XL                         97-113CM     


Belt Stretched Length

M      105cm 

L       109cm 

XL     113cm



Package includes:
1 x Magnetic Back Support Lumbar Brace Belt with 14 magnetic stone in it