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LED Muscle Power Trainer Relax Ball

Soft Porium - Your Mega-Superstore For Great Deals Relax Ball green single LED LED Muscle Power Trainer Relax Ball

LED Muscle Power Trainer Relax Ball

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How to Start it
1. Pull off the plastic insulation before use.
2. Toggle the ball along the double direction arrow to the max resistance,then release it, fast enough to have the ball turn the LED on.
3. Turn your palm facing down, and slowly start to rotate, you will feel that it is scratching against the inside of the wrist ball.
4. Keep rotating with wrist then the ball will spin faster, develop a higher pitch sound. Once you feel it spinning fast enough, stop your rotate, you could feel it oscillating right in your palm.

What is Gyroball?
Gyroball/Force ball/magic balls get model sport now. If you don't know how to play it, can search for video via youtube
It is fun and good for hands, wrist, shoulder, forearms, biceps and good as a warm-up sport before you do climbing, golf, basketball, etc
Also if you use a computer or play the piano for a long time, you can play this ball every day for 15~20 minutes. You will feel your hand won't be so pain.
It is a very interesting toys to make your forearm sore and gets the blood going.
For Medial Epicondylitis, Prevent Tendonitis and improve Grip Strength, Relieve Pain From Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, and Tendinitis, Medium, Intermediate.
Power ball Wrist Ball Toys Hand Grip Strengthener;Hand Grip Exerciser;Relieve Stress ---Anti Stress Anti-anxiety for EDC, ADHD, Children, Teens, Student and Adults.
DO not drop the ball on hard surface at any time,the heavy rotor will damage.
DO not touch the ball rotor when it is spinning at high speeds,it will burn.
Not suitable for children under 10 years old whose hand strength insufficient to use the product
Do not add any oil or moothy liquid into it which may cause it inoperation