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Non-Stick Hamburger Meat Press

Soft Porium - Your Mega-Superstore For Great Deals Non-Stick Hamburger Meat Press Non-Stick Hamburger Meat Press

Non-Stick Hamburger Meat Press

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There's no need to sacrifice durability for convenience when you use this burger press. Designed to provide just the right amount of pressure to make delicious patties. This tool is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, and it's made to last for years of reliable use. While the heavy-duty aluminum die-cast construction is sturdy enough to last you a lifetime, it's also designed to be easy to use and clean. Poultry, beef, and seafood burgers are all made simpler with this burger press. It's also a breeze to use the hamburger press on any grill, so you can enjoy the flavor of your most fattening foods without the extra fat.

Ever had one of those days where you just don't feel like cooking but know you should? Well, who has that kind of time? That's why there's this hamburger press for sale. It's designed to make perfectly shaped burgers every time, so you can just throw them on the grill.

【High Quality】Made from forged aluminum alloy, this burger press is made to last a lifetime. With a lifetime's worth of use, your burger press will never become dull and will never have to be repaired.

【Durable】The top and bottom of the burger press are welded together to form a strong and durable build. Made with one-piece die-casting, the quality of the burger press is

Hamburger Meat Press Tool-Your Best Kitchen Hand

【Food-grade Material】Food-grade aluminum die-cast, pie plate as a whole, the quality is reliable. Food grade aluminum alloy designed for a lifetime of use. Deluxe all-in-one burger press makes perfect patties, each and every time. Provides just enough pressure to make patties that can withstand falling apart on the grill. Yet, stops you from making patties that are too dense.

【Non-stick Coating Ensures No Damaged Patties】 Aluminum alloy is covered in the non-stick coating which means raw meat will never stick to burger press. Make patties without damaging them when turning them out – they will slide right out of the burger press intact

【Perfect Seared Effect Patties Each Time】 Interior ridges give each patty a ribbed surface, which gives them that gorgeous seared look when cooked on the grill. Easily cleaned with soap and water, or just throw into dishwasher.

【Consistent Size & Shape】Palm Shaped Hamburger Press Handle Reduces Fatigue When Pressing Multiple Burgers - Consistent Size & Shape Every Time So They Cook Evenly On The Grill.