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Fitness Resistance Bands

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Fitness Resistance Bands

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You’ve been working out for years. You’re lean and toned, you’ve worked hard and watched what you eat, but you feel like you are stuck. Your muscles are strong but flabby. 

These lightweight fitness bands help build strength in your biceps, wrists, and forearms. The elastic resistance bands are designed to help you strengthen your muscles while you work out. Use them to help build up muscle strength and flexibility.

You have tried a few different workouts, you have joined a gym, you have tried to do it yourself, and nothing has worked. You feel like you have tried everything and still, nothing is working.

These bands are perfect for a broad range of exercises including squats, lunges, wrist curls, and more. Flexible and stretchy, these bands wrap and contour to the body as you work out. The bands are designed to give you the freedom to move through the full range of motion.

Try Fitness Resistance Bands. They are lightweight, you can use them anywhere, and you can’t even feel them. Work out with them and watch your muscles grow and your body transform.

Tubes Length: Approx. 120cm

Tubes Material: Nature Rubber & TPE

Resistance Bands Material: Natural latex

Resistance Bands Length: 60cm/23.62inch(tolerance:+/-1CM) 

Resistance Bands Width: 5cm/1.97inch

Resistance Bands Pound: From5~40lb

Resistance Bands Thickness: 0.35mm-1.1mm