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720 Degrees Universal Splash Filter Faucet

Soft Porium - Your Mega-Superstore For Great Deals Silver 720 Degrees Universal Splash Filter Faucet

720 Degrees Universal Splash Filter Faucet

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The perfect addition to your bathroom, this splash-proof faucet filter makes washing your face and gargling easy. The 720-degree water outlet rotates to allow you to wash your face and gargle without having to twist or turn the faucet. It also ensures that you are not splashing dirty water back onto your face while washing, which creates the perfect environment for cleaning.

It comes with a filter that helps to remove impurities and doubles as an extra filter for the best possible water quality. This product is 100% high quality and made with durable materials. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed to be safe and user-friendly.

This is a powerful, yet elegant way to effectively clean your face and gargle without the hassle of regular sink filters. This product's key feature is its ability to rotate to 720° so it can easily reach all angles of your sink. It also features stronger material and a reinforced O-ring piston so that it doesn't easily leak.


100% high quality

Rotate the water outlet 720°, it is more convenient to wash your face and gargle!

oxygen-enriched foam, splash-proof water, four-layer mesh filter to remove impurities, and double gaskets to prevent dripping

main feature

The industrial quality of commercial responsibility:

Sturdy copper, ABS body, with extra durability and longevity. The product also includes a reinforced double O-ring piston to ensure that all leaks are prevented.

Safe and user-friendly design:

The splash-proof filter tap introduces air into the water stream to create a larger and whiter water stream, which is soft to the feel and does not splash. This product is guaranteed to satisfy your customers or employees. Suitable for restaurants, laundry rooms, and backyards.

Various sizes and types:

We provide various styles to meet your various needs. In addition to the different outlets of the faucet, we also provide different designs of the faucet body and handle. Check out our product page! You will find that best suits your needs.


Copper, ABS

Product Weight   

Weight with Packaging: 108G

Product Size

(L x W x H)   

Product Size : 15 × 8 × 5cm / 5.9 × 3.1 × 2inches

Package Contents:  

1×Universal Basin Lengthen Extender+1×24mm Adapter