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2600mhz LTE 4G cellular signal mobile network booster

Soft Porium 2600mhz LTE 4G cellular signal booster mobile network booster

2600mhz LTE 4G cellular signal mobile network booster

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The best way to increase the signal strength for your cellular phone or wireless internet, the 4G LTE signal booster will improve the reception. This great booster is designed to boost the 2600mhz 4G cellular signal from your router to your device and in your home. It is a simple and fast solution for boosting your cellular service.

This booster is compatible with all the devices that support the 2600mhz 4G cellular signal. It is a high gain booster, which means it can boost the 1500-2600mhz frequency to 2600mhz. This booster can improve the signal in your home and office.

We all have been there. You leave your house and leave your phone behind, and the dreaded “no service” message appears. A cellular signal booster like this can help you to get back to the life that you’ve always wanted. This cellular signal booster helps to boost your cellular signal, so you can get a better signal and have more bars.

It is 4G LTE 2600mhz cellular signal booster 4G 2600mhz mobile network booster Data Cellular Phone Repeater Amplifier  Band 7Model No: EK70-LUplink : 2500-2570MHzDownlink: 2620-2690 MHzGain:60dBWork for LTE 4g 2600mhz Signal ProblemsOutdoor antenna: 8dbi Yagi antenna indoor antenna: 700~2700MHz Whip AntennaAccessories: Ac power cable, outdoor antenna, indoor antenna,15 meters cable Please make sure you can get at least 2 bars 2600mhz (Band 7) signal of outdoor before you buy, otherwise this product can’t help you. It needs an outdoor good signal to improve your indoor signal. So we have to check the frequent attention: IF frequency doesn’t match, the signal booster can’t work. Turn on the network (2G/3G/4G) you want to amplify and go outdoors of your house:A: If you use a Samsung phone. Holding the phone to the outside.