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2 In 1 Portable Phone PC Screen Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Set

Soft Porium - Your Mega-Superstore For Great Deals Grey 2 In 1 Portable Phone PC Screen Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Set

2 In 1 Portable Phone PC Screen Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Set

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This is the perfect product for any tech aficionado. The spray and wipe combination gives you a quick and easy way to decontaminate and clean your screen. This set features a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle that make cleaning your phone screen easy.

The fabric is soft and gentle on your screen so it won't scratch it. This product is easy to use and has the added benefit of washing out decontamination stains. Keep your phone or tablet screen neat and clean.

This unique combination of two products is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a more effective way to clean their mobile phone. By using two products, you can decontaminate your mobile phone screen in a single stroke.

The spray is designed to clean away grease and fingerprints while the cloth is perfect for wiping away those pesky smudges. Ensuring your screen is completely clean, this two-in-one set helps you get rid of any smudges and fingerprints with ease.

Two-color choices, natural extraction, continuous fragrance

Color: dream powder, low-key gray,

A spray and a wipe, with a small screen housekeeper, easy to decontaminate fingerprints, suitable for mobile phone/computer / iPad / TV screen cleaning

Before cleaning: fingerprint stains that are difficult to remove

Cleaning: a spray and a quick decontamination

After cleaning: easy to decontaminate without leaving traces

Convenient & practical you need: it is a bottle of spray / also a piece of cloth

Mobile phone screen, portable mirror, the screen is as clean as new, spray, grease, fingerprints are not seen

Fit the habits, the gap button designed for the comfort of use

The cleaner can be added and replaced, and the separate bottle design can be replaced with convenient and practical


Product Name: Screen Cleaner

Cleaning solution capacity: about 13ml (about 200 times) can add cleaning liquid

Size: 9*2.7*2.7cm

Weight: 50g

Color: pink, gray