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Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand

The Perfect Remedy For Back Pain

Use the style adjustable foldable laptop stand and get rid of your neck pain

During this current situation when the whole world is fighting against the pandemic most of the offices have decided to close their office and allow their employees to work from home. So that they can maintain social distance. It seems easy to do work from home, but when you ask a person who is doing it, you will understand how difficult it is.

It is impossible to have the same work ambiance as in the office when you are at home. Many people face neck problems, shoulder problems, and back pain. The main reason is they bend down on the system to work, whereas in office they sit straight in the chair. We do understand your pain, for that, we have brought a very useful thing for you, the "X style adjustable foldable laptop stand". Now say goodbye to the neck pain.

 How the adjustable foldable laptop stand helps you in your work

 Get the adjustable foldable laptop stand from us softporium. It's lightweight, solid, portable, and stable construction. You can sit straight and do your work easily. Get relief from the neck, wrist, spine, and neck fatigue. It's very easy to use. Just apply your thumb and forefinger and pinch outward to open the stand, or you can press close quickly.

Using this will provide you a better laptop life and better ventilation. Raise the notebook screen height and adjust to your eyes. You can carry the stand anywhere you want. It's very compact and lighter in design. The good part is, it's fully collapsible. You can carry during your travel time also it can be a very gift item.

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Features of the foldable laptop stand

 It helps you to improve the posture

It is designed scientifically and helps you to balance when you are sitting. It keeps your back posture straight, you can keep your neck in relax mode, and move your wrist easily. You won't feel any pain after working long hours.




The stand is made of aluminum and silicone rubber pad, it makes the stand elegant and tough. Easy to clean and maintain.


Improve laptop life


It keeps your laptop cooler so that the internal components and battery life improves.


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